Our team of experienced golf coaches helps younger golfers of all skill levels whether new to the game or a competitive junior playing in various junior tournaments.  You will establish a repeatable swing pattern, while avoiding the pitfalls that lead to unfavorable habits down the road.  Explore our full offerings of Junior golf academy programs of just book a single one hour lesson.   You can also sign up for one or more of our weekly summer junior golf camps.

Power Up Junior Plus

  get started today single golf lesson summer JUNIor camps

Power Up Junior Plus is ideal for juniors looking to play high school golf and prepping for local junior tournaments.  You will apply a systematic training program in 3 areas to gain the competitive edge.  Juniors can earn merit matrix points to graduate from one level to another.  The Power Up Junior Plus Program includes the follow offered at our best value best value with a 6-month commitment.

  • 2 Private Lessons per Month
  • Weekly Access to Practice Sessions 
  • OnForm App for Video Analysis Feature & Drawing Tools  & Communication 
  • Training Polo by Go Gator Gear

Junior Prep Golf Program

 Prep class ages 6-8  prep class ages 9 and Up summer JUNIor camps  single golf lesson

The Junior Prep golf classes help introduce the game in a fun setting to develop fundamentals along the way. An ideal way to learn the game at your own pace in prep to play on course. The classes are available for beginners and intermediate level juniors ages 6+. The Junior Prep program includes Weekly Prep Golf Classes, one  for juniors ages 6-8 and and a second class for juniors ages 9+.  You can just book a single lesson time and develop your technique at your own pace.  You can also sign up for one or more of our weekly summer junior golf camps.

For more information or to book a session, give us a call at 585-250-1200 or write to us online anytime by visiting our website’s secure contact page.