Caleb's 6-week program completely turned my game around. My ball striking, distance, and accuracy all improved tremendously. I started the program with some significant swing flaws that Caleb was able to help correct. My scores are more than 10 strokes better than before the program and I'm enjoying playing because of the improvements.

A great facility with a driven group of instructors! Fantastic place to learn golf.

Caleb is an awesome golf coach. He's able to work with people from all skill and age levels. He helped me improve in all aspects of my game which allowed me to significantly knock strokes off my score this year. My handicap went from an 18 to  14 now in 5 lessons.

Awesome place to hone your golf skills. Any skill level is welcome here. The facility is clean and inundated with modern technology and golf bays. Caleb and his team are great and will show you how to play the game of golf utilizing a set system that works! Would highly recommend to anyone!

We are so incredibly fortunate to have such a unique and special golf academy in our region. My son has been with Coach Caleb and the academy for 5 years now and we have seen incredible growth in him as both a player and a person. There has been essentially no high-quality golf instruction dedicated to juniors in this area up until now. The indoor facility, quality of teaching, and dedication of the coaches is what makes SGA so special.

Caleb is an outstanding coach! The Rochester area is so lucky to have a coach of his expertise working with junior golfers! The kids not only improve their golf game but learn life lessons of setting goals and working hard to meet them! He’s and his team are the best around by far!